A continuing problem that is being faced by more and more users and companies is spyware. Spyware (or Adware) are small programs typically installed without the users knowledge (perhaps through web site surfing) and can be difficult to detect. These are designed to collect small pieces of information about users and their internet viewing habits.

Spyware has been known to interfere with the control of the computer which could result in slow connection speed and/or processing  

At HCOMS we have witnessed the problems that spyware can cause to users' systems. We have examined this issue over a period of time and have found that Ad-Aware is one of the best tools. Ad-Aware Personal is available for a free download. This particular version, however, should not be employed for business use.

What effect can Spyware have?

  • Track your internet movements
  • Control your PC
  • Sell your personal data
  • Install unwanted software on your PC
  • Display unwanted content


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