WordPress is a highly configurable Content Management System that combines simplicity for users and publishers with hidden complexities for developers.

Originally designed to meet the needs of Bloggers, WordPress has evolved and is now able to accommodate plugins and design widgets, making it not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

Everything from basic websites to applications are built using the adaptability and flexibility of WordPress.

Benefits of WordPress

  • User Friendly – Learning to edit content, add photos and post new pages is simple, even for those with little or no experience of programming or design.
  • Money Saving – You will be able to make your own edits, manage your own text, photos and videos for your website.
  • Easily Accessible – Add content or make changes from anywhere in the world.
  • Great Communication– By being able to make your own changes, you are able to communicate the most current information to your website users immediately-without waiting for a designer to update content.
  • Increased Functionality – Plugins are pre-written programmes that can increase the functionality of your software. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available.
  • Free Upgrades – Upgrades to WordPress blog software are free.
  • Mobile Readiness – WordPress automatically recognises how a site is being viewed and automatically configures the content to be viewed through a mobile device or web browser.
  • Design Consistency– WordPress offers a themed approach to website design and layout – and ensures that this theme is saved and used throughout your site. However WordPress also provides…
  • Design Flexibility – Enabling you to have a different design theme for every page of your website, should you wish to.
  • Improved Security – Your designer or developer uses a process called ‘hardening’ to secure your WordPress website and protect it against hackers.
  • Easy to Print – Many websites are too wide to print. Using a simple plugin, all of your WordPress site content can be printed in an easy to read format, without sacrificing the screen view design.
  • Staying Fresh – Themes can be easily swapped, allowing you to change the appearance of your website to reflect holidays, seasons or celebrations.
  • Automatic Saving – Even of your work hasn’t yet been published, it is automatically saved as you type, reducing loss to work and saving time.

As technology continues to develop, so does WordPress. By providing increased functionality and flexibility to suit your needs WordPress gives you the freedom to have control over your own website.

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