De-skilling of website design: the pitfalls.

This article isn’t intended to be a “what we predict will happen in the next decade or two” piece. It’s our view of where things stand currently and what it means for businesses and institutions in ensuring that customers can find and engage with them digitally. Patterns do evolve, but we prefer to revise the […]

Let’s be clear about GDPR: when it comes being compliant, for you there’s no opt-out.

The following HCOMS article is a brief overview about the new GDPR legislation. It’s likely that we’ll be posting more in-depth articles on this subject, but we want to give you some basic guidance as to what you need to have in place immediately. The information in this article is not provided as legal advice […]

SEO: how HCOMS makes it work for you

HCOMS understands SEO and we believe that as marketing specialists who operate transparently and with integrity, it’s our duty to give you a better understanding of SEO too. Here then is an overview to help you. Search Engine Optimisation creates the best conditions for Organic or Natural Web Traffic. As the terms suggest, it’s a […]

Why Websites Fail

Reasons Websites Fail   There is nothing more frustrating than spending money and time setting up a website, only for it to remain hidden in the depths of the Internet, lost and attracting zero hits. To succeed, a website must generate traffic, and plenty of it. Read on to find out how you can make […]

What Is Responsive Web Design?

What Is Responsive Web Design? Successful websites now need more than just great content to keep the traffic flowing and the page-ranking high; they need to be adaptable and responsive. Customers expect your website’s content to work efficiently and effectively, however they choose to view it. Responsive Web Design allows your website to appear flawlessly […]

Ten Ways to Monetise Your Website

Ten Ways to Monetise Your Website Once you have a successful website up and running, it would be nice to generate a little revenue from it, right? Here, we look at ten of the best ways to monetise your website. Not all of them are easy, not all of them are guaranteed to work for […]

How Much Should a Website Cost? How much a website costs is dependant on your requirements. What exactly do you want your website to do? Websites can be tailored to suit each individual client’s needs and budget, so it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Things to Consider… […]

Web Copy and Web Content: What the Difference is, and Why it Matters.

Web Copy and Web Content: What the Difference is, and Why it Matters. Web copy is the bare bones of your website. It’s all the main pages that  your customer sees first. These pages must be eye-catching, informative and above all designed to sell. The whole concept behind web copy, is that it’s well enough […]

What is a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack?

What is a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack? With more than 2000 attacks observed globally on a daily basis, Denial of Service attacks present a very real threat to a wide variety of online services. A DoS attack is a deliberate attempt to shut down a network. Typically the perpetrator uses one computer and one […]

With so many WordPress themes to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

With so many WordPress themes to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. The majority of themes are versatile, but trying to mould a theme intended for a photography and design portfolio into a political blog could leave your website looking clumsy and reduce readability. Having a clear idea of the […]