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With many years of extensive experience in a variety of sectors, HCOMS has a wealth of expertise in creating websites, database systems and software, and providing IT consultancy.

Our track record speaks for itself in that our continuing growth is based largely upon the recommendation of our many delighted customers who use our products.

For example, the industry-rated HCURO online database platform that HCOMS has created and continues to evolve is the foundation for a range of database management applications used by a variety of industries to assist in efficiency, speed, cost-saving, and clarity in their businesses.


HCURO - Online Databases

We love to design superb websites and create bespoke web-based database systems. HCURO, the successful online database product that HCOMS developed, has been active for many years: proving itself to be an excellent, hassle-free framework for powering the most complex of databases.


Web Design

HCOMS delivers the great results you demand. We aim to provide you with the design and functionality that gets you noticed locally, nationally or internationally – wherever you are based. Allow us to enhance your brand image so you reap rewards that only professional design and service can bring – without breaking the bank.


Software Development

In addition to innovative web design, HCOMS’ core skills started from, and have continued, within database management and software. We use the latest techniques at affordable prices to deliver a responsive, high quality and professional service.

Online Databases


For several years HCOMS has been developing custom web-based databases for a wide variety of industries and organisations using our own industry-rated product, HCURO.

Online Databases


How Will HCURO Benefit Your Organisation?

HCURO has proven itself to be an excellent framework for powering the most complex databases. Its success is down to its design. Created to be completely flexible, HCURO will benefit your company because it can be tailored to your organisation’s precise specification.

Off-the-shelf or self-built software packages may seem appealing and cheaper, but they cannot offer a definitive solution that truly meets your needs. Using HCURO, we can ensure that your database is expertly developed to suit your particular requirements.

At HCOMS, we love working with you to design a database that is cost-effective, timesaving and efficient, and HCURO makes this achievable.

All HCOMS customers, including major institutions such as, for example, the Church of England, use the HCURO database on a daily basis to power their businesses to the maximum, with hassle-free results.

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