For several years HCOMS has been developing custom web-based databases for a wide variety of industries and organisations using our own industry-rated platform, which we have called HCURO.

HCURO has proven itself to be an excellent framework for powering the most complex databases. Its success is down to its design. Created to be completely flexible, HCURO will benefit your company because it can be tailored to your organisation’s precise specification.

Off-the-shelf or self-built software packages may seem appealing and cheaper, but they cannot offer a definitive solution to truly meet your needs. Using HCURO we can ensure that your database is expertly developed to suit your particular requirements.

At HCOMS, we love working with you to design a database that is cost-effective, timesaving and efficient, and HCURO makes this achievable.

All HCOMS customers, including major institutions such as, for example, the Church of England, use the HCURO database on a daily basis to power their businesses to the maximum, with hassle-free results.

HCURO uses its own internal database management system, which provides the ability to design and set fields per area. This feature allows us to quickly alter either an existing database system or to create an entirely new one to meet your individual requirements.

What makes us different to other form-building systems is that it is coupled with HCOMS’ other powerful features such as permissions, reporting and task management.


Each user of your HCURO system can be set their own permission groups. These permission groups determines what access each user can have per area. Every area provides the ability to have either Read, Edit or Delete permissions.

Also, at the permission group level, you can assign which reports users have access to and what dashboards they can be assigned.  It is possible to also assign these at specific user level if further specification is required.


A wide range of reports is included as standard, covering all aspects of the HCURO system. In addition, you can create customised reports.

Permissions for reporting can be set per user or per user group.

Reports can then be grouped together to make user specific dashboards. You may, for example, have a user that is in charge of arranging electrical inspections that you want to make available on their dashboard each time they login.


A very valuable feature of HCURO is the ability to raise and assign tasks against ANY area within the system. For example, you can raise a task against a contractor to instruct one of your users to contact them to update their data-sharing contract. In addition to tasks providing reportable and quantifiable data, a timer can be set per task to indicate exactly how long each task has taken to be completed.



HCURO is web-based and has been designed to work on  mobiles and tablets as well as standard IT system. It  has inbuilt caching and Internet connection checks to help reduce the risk of data loss.


HCURO logs every addition, update and delete action, which can be then reported either by the user or by the area that has been affected. Every report that is run is also logged to provide transparency.

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