Diocese System

The Diocese of Norwich and the Diocese of Ely uses our unique Diocese Software to help manage all aspects of the running and management of their diocese.

This sophisticated database application is just one application where such modules can be employed to improve and automate business procedures.

Many years of working closely with the Diocese of Norwich, means we understand that a ‘one fit solution’ isn’t the answer. Whilst the ‘core’ of the system may remain the same, we will work with you to finely tune other parts to fit your purpose, meeting your specific needs to ensure the smooth and professional running of your diocese.

Diocese System Features


  • Manage Church and Building
  • Manage Schools
  • Manage Contacts
  • Manage Jobs of Contacts
  • Manage the Structure of the Diocese (Parish / Benefice / Deanery / Archdeaconry )


Parish Share Online

The system can allow relevant ‘contacts’ to view their parish share. This is based around exports from your financial system. We have a standard import that we can accept into the system. Alternatively this can be altered to accommodate any other financial system. You will need to be able to link the parishes between both systems together (currently this is done on their parish finance number).

Display relevant information and files to the logged-in user, such as CCLA statements.


When a contact logs-in they can manage which publications they are signed up to, update relevant addresses and contact details and create their own News / Events (depending upon permissions).


Based upon a contacts association to a committee / job, relevant documents can be shown to them once they are logged-in.


The system can send out announcements to set lists / jobs based upon the type of announcement it is.

Annual Form Data

Every year annual form data is sent out to all the parishes. We would collect this information electronically and update accordingly.


Create a number of different labels based upon different searches


Manage the confirmations

Parish Direct Debit

Certain users can be allowed to set up when they want to pay back their parish share, and by how much, via direct debit each month. This would then be sent to your Finance Department.


A user can be assigned to receive publications (which are managed within the admin area). This can be used to generate labels.

News / Events

Depending upon permissions a user can create a ‘news’ item. This can be assigned against a particular ‘web area’ i.e. benefice / parish and span multiple days.


We have an operational system which can manage the DAC process and generation of the relevant documents. This can be tailored to suit particular requirements.

Exports / Reports

Create the monthly prayer calendar as a PDF

Export information into a relevant format to generate a printed directory

All areas can be exported into Excel if required

Website for all Churches / Parishes

We are about to release a tool which will allow parish churches to build their own website effectively at a vastly reduced cost. The difference between us and other providers, is that we can link information directly from our system, to include items such as the clergy and church details within a parish, as well as any associated events / news.


Permissions are based around the job(s) of the contact, or if they have been set as a ‘super-user’.


We can create your website in two ways. You can manage / add to via a Content Management System, or we can link the data from our system into the front-facing website with facilities such as find a person / find a church / events / news / prayer calendar.