Our Online Club Database system allows for your club to record ad securely store all the details you could possibly need, including :

  • Students
  • Lessons
  • Grading
  • Invoices
  • Products

The Club Database system is an online web-based database. Any relevent details can be stored against a member/student.

A working example of such a system is Norwich Kung Fu Academy. As with many martial clubs they use ‘belts’ as an indication of student progression, The successfully grading of a module allows a student to progress to the next level. All these details are stored within our system. Based upon this each student can easily be placed on a suitable club traning program . A student is unable to grade unless they have completed a set number of lessons. The lesson attendance is stored and accessible during lesson, providing a full history of those who have attended a lesson and if there were was anything that needed to be noted during that lesson.

The Clubs database can then be used to great effect and even create certificates (in the same method as our event system), as well as PDFs of the grading feedback.

In addition, and based upon what information is entered,  the system can also determine how much each student (or if you have linked students, such as a family membership), is to be charged each month.

This system would be ideal for ANY clubs, be they social, martial art, sports or hobbyist.

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